Communicating To An Audience

Honesty Is The Cornerstone of All Good Writing

What is the key to communicating to an audience effectively? How do you write something that really captures what someone wants to communicate about themselves and the product or the services that they provide? It is really quite simple – you communicate with them to find out what they value most about what they do, and discover their story.

There are always a host of articles that spring up around questions like this, and a lot of them offer you a surefire guide for capturing an audience’s attention and whisking them through the doors of  your company, and sitting them in the chair in front of the salesman with their wallets out. The prospect is often viewed as a creature built on a pure push button framework, like Pavlov’s dogs. If you build the perfect trap you will be able to snare them. It is a fallacy.

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If you do away with trickery and just aim to tell people what the owner of the company believes in, what they can deliver, and how to buy the product, if it communicates, people will respond.

Honesty really is the best policy. If you trick them when they come in the door you are going to have to keep tricking them all the way along in the sales process – unless you are willing to do this it is going to have a very short shelf life as a tactic.

If you want the right writer for your product you have to make sure that they meet certain criteria. Before you trust this person to begin communicating to an audience you have to ask yourself if they are really communicating with you. Are they coming to the table with a pre-formed idea of what they need to communicate about you and your company, or are they doing the proper research and discovery? Have they asked you a single question?

When you created your product, or worked out how to provide your service to people, you were looking to help people. Communicating about that help is the key thing that any writing you commission has to do. When people fully understand how the product or service helps them, they will want it.

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